The Silent Slinger is a mute slugslinger who isn't part of any gang. Her real name is (TBA) but not many people know this as not many people understand sign language and writing it down takes to long. Because of this, people just call her "The Silent Slinger". She is very secretive and she doesn't usually communicate with people.

Backstory Edit

Not much is known about her but what is known is that she has lived in Slugterra her whole life. When she was a child, her house was burned down by a group of wild Pyringos, ghouled Flaringos. Her whole family was inside and they were lost to the flames, leaving ______ an orphan. From then on she has had a fear of fire element slugs and refuses to use them. She lives in the Forest Cavern, making friends with the slugs who live there. One day as she was passing through Quiet Lawn Cavern, Redhook saw her with her slugs but no blaster. He took pity on her and made her a blaster. She repays him by protecting Quiet Lawn.

Her slugs Edit

Soldier, a Camoden Slug, this is the first slug she had and is her partner

Thorn, a Vinedrill slug

(more to be added)