Sophiana as Slughop Sophie with Strongsport,Flitter, Nursey, Double Eye and an Aquafreak

Princess Sophiana (or Sophie for short) is a tough slug fu master with moves and slugs no one has ever seen! She is known to live in Xanadu Basin with a shadow clan guardian portal guardian called Maulgie.


Sophiana was a young girl who was desperate for a good life after her family house was flooded and she was washed away to Chillborne cavern. There she saw 11 slugs under attack from ghoul pack with two slugs, a Hoverbug and Enigmo battling the ghouls, though battered and bruised. Sophiana tried to help them but the ghouls were too powerful. Suddenly, in a flash of colour the ghouls had all turned back into Armashelts. In front of her stood 5 amazing slugs called the Elementalettes.They told her that as long as they were there, no harm would come to them. So there she started her journey to collect slugs and become the greatest Slugslinger in the World!

After a few months and 67 slug captures later, She came face to face with the Goon, who took her and controled her, or so he thought. Once he reached the Southern Caverns, Sophiana gave the Goon a surprise, by breaking free of his control before he could ghoul the Southern Slinger. Then, the Goon got the shock of his life, Sophiana had been faking being a Dark Slinger all along. Her thugglett, Disguiser, had created a super powerful illusion that had blinded the Goon. So in his frustration, he grabbed Thornado and created a portal to the Eastern Caverns. Once Thornado was unghouled, Sophie knew that her teaportation skills were very out of whack now.So, using the power left in Thornado, she went to the 99 Caverns where she met Trini and Sally and teamed up with them. Her current residence is Xanadu Basin.

Sophie is known by many names due to her telaportation skills some being Slughop Sophie, Sophie of Unova, Sofi Rainbowrider and many other names. She trains in Slug Fu and another art called Aura with two friends from other caverns Trini and her slug Flutter and Sally and her slug Old Timer.Her Slugs, Flitter and Double Eye are very different from their counterparts.


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