Only few have seen a legend roaming Slugterra, fewer have been given the chance to duel them and once in a lifetime have been inducted. These include Ethan Hunt and Larz Galik.

Legends of historyEdit

Slugslinging legends have completed great feats to earn a name for themselves. These include; The Unbeatable Master, Will Shane and Red Hook.

Newest inducteesEdit

The two newest are Hunter and Larz Galik. They both have shown prowess in battle and have an almost flawless win streak. Larz Galik has only been deafeated once but, has a win streak of over 1,000! and countless more have fallen to him. Hunter on the other hand has managed to defeat most, if not all, of Dr. Blakks goons and defeated him at the same time. You can tell that these two have earned their right in this spot. If you think you have earned a spot, Facebook me @ Niwhai Terangi.