Bubble, Glimmer and Nursey are Sophiana's best distractors.They are always ready for action.

Bubble the BubbleaeoneEdit

This little slug is a fun loving bubbleaeone who is a master of go fish and distracting others.He doesn't seem to realise that he is holding a sword in the middle of the frelings because when he gets angry, he punches a hole in the floor. 
Bubble megamorph 2


Glimmer the PhosporoEdit

Glimmer is a young phosporo who really wants to learn about our universe. She even has her own lab which she spends at least 15 hours a day. It is very hard to dampen this little cuties heart.

Glimmer Megamorph


Nursey the Boon Doc/ Energy ElementaletteEdit

Nursey is as equally excited about the universe as Glimmer.When startled, Nursey will hit anything nearby, usually getting her in trouble. Nursey is also known as the

Energy Elementalette.

Nursey megamorph


Their MovesEdit


  • Arcalyte - Explodes in mid-air in a shower of sparks.
  • Flashbang - Blinding flash of light to stun and temporarily blind an opponent.
  • Beamblaze - Focuses several beams into one concentrated blinding beam blast.
  • Blazerain - A 'hail' of short beam bursts.


  • Bubballo - Sucks everything nearby in to its large, indestructable bubble body.
  • Foambaloo - Harmless burst of foam makes everything slippery, tough to stand up or hold gear.
  • Soapysoak - Sprays an opponent in the eyes with stinging soap.
  • Tentajet - Picks up an opponent in its tentacles and carries them away.
  • Bubblebound - Inflates like a pufferfish to rebound incoming slugs


  • Medici - Shoots a healing ball of light that is absorbed by the slug or person it is shot at. Cures internal ailments.
  • SkinSplint - Spins a protective cocoon of light around an injured or broken area to heal it.
  • Healswarm - Emits a powerful light glow that can heal a ghouled slug.
  • Lightshield - Small sparks form a protective wall or bubble like a force field to protect against toxins.
  • Slugmage - Casts a protective shell of light over a slinger's slug arsenal to prevent ghouling.
  • Healadin - Swarm of sparks form a suit of protective light armor. The slinger becomes impervious to ghouls