Tremor and Double Ding are Chalk and Cheese but will still always be friends.

Double Ding the Polero and Tremor the Thresher

Tremor and his movesEdit

Tremor is a small thresher with an imagination that could go around the world 100 times! With a big heart but little patience, Tremor is a very unique slug.

His moves include:

  • Sawtusk - Huge chomping bite.
  • Throttlebite - Curls into a flat circle and spins like a saw blade, boney spines on the outside to slice things.
  • Trillioblade - Flings saw blades from its tail
  • Blasterblash - Chomps on to an opponent's blaster then spins like a sawblade, sawing it in half.

Double Ding and his movesEdit

Double Ding is a Paris Chic slug.He runs a slug bar in Sophiana's Pack called the Golden Polero. He only takes jokes if they are really, really funny.

His moves include:

  • Siamo - Splits into two heads joined by a rope, can hit two targets with one shot.
  • Wrapattak - Wraps around an opponent, tying up legs or body.
  • Bolorino - Body stretches between the two heads creating a spinning trip line.
  • Stringler - One head bites each of two opponents, binding them together at the ankle or wrist, slowing them down.