The Camoden slug is a common slug but because of its camouflage ability, it is rarely seen. The Camoden's main ways of fighting is though trickery and is better at short range. They are not hard hitting slugs, being quite weak, but they are sneaky and smart. Pysical attacking slugs will have a hard time hitting something that they can't see.

Apperance Edit

Protoform Edit

It can come in many different colours but mostly greens, browns or yellows. The lighter colour is the base then there is patches of the darker colours. Every Camoden's spots are different and the colours depend on where the slug lives (Eg forest Camodens will be mostly green, desert Camodens will be mostly yellow). They have a single eye in the middle of their faces and two antenna on the top of their head. Their also have a curled tail, much like a chameleon.

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Type Edit

The Camoden slug is a Plant type slug as it can blend into it's surroundings which is mostly vegetation.

Habitat Edit

This slug is found in nearly every cavern but not many people know if its existence because of its camouflage abilities. It is not found near water as it can't easily blend in with it, prefering dense vegetation.

Attacks Edit

Hide 'n strike Edit

The camoden blends into its surroundings to go unnoticed, slipping past the opponent's slug, then lashing out with the spikes on it's tail.

Second skin Edit

It makes what looks like a copy of itself and while the opponent is attacking the decoy, the camoden attacks from behind.

Abilities in Protoform Edit

The Camoden can join mostly invisible but it's shadow can still be seen. They have great grip and can latch themselves onto things using their tails.

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